Based on Tradition
Since 1890

More than 125 years has passed since the renowned Karen Volf baked her first cakes and cookies. With superior taste and quality, she created a success that was later to become one of the best-known brands in Scandinavia.

When you see the Rainforest Alliance certificate on our website and our products, you know that the product or ingredients are produced with methods that comply with the 3 branches of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. From 2022, all vekao used in Bisca products will be Rainforest Alliance certified.

When you see the frog, you know that it is a product that helps in responsible and sustained choices from the farm and the forest all the way to the checkout at the local supermarket.

Traditional craftmanship in a modern market

Danish Butter Cookies

In some countries Danish Butter Cookies are considered one of the finest and most delicious hostess gifts you can bring.