Bisca A/S (Main Office & Production)
Ahornvej 1
DK-4780 Stege

CVR: DK27702279

Office hours:
Mon–Thurs 8AM–4PM CET
Fri 8AM–12.30 PM CET

Phone +45 72 11 00 00

Bisca A/S (Sales & Marketing)
Stensmosevej 15, L4
DK-2620 Albertslund

Jesper Holm Hilkjaer
Commercial Manager,
Export Lead

Phone: +45 72 11 04 31

Jonny Johnsman
Purchasing manager

Phone: +45 72 11 02 47

Carsten Brun Christensen
Commercial Manager,

Phone: +45 72 11 00 00

If you are a member of the press and wish to contact Bisca, please get in touch with:

Kristian Walsøe
Scandza AS – VP Brands / CMO

+45 72 11 00 20

If you find that a product is not satisfactory, please fill in our complaints form.

Do you have questions about our products? Please contact us via this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Product complaints – click here.


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