Quality, ingredients and responsibility

When you tuck into a Bisca cake, biscuit or snack, you can be sure it has been baked using the best ingredients. The taste of our baked goods is second to none, so we do not compromise when it comes to buying ingredients. Quality comes first in everything we do. We strive for the same quality and traditions that have been our hallmark ever since Bisca sold its first cakes and biscuits in the patisserie. Although the bakery has grown considerably in size, the same amount of love still goes into making everything that comes out of our ovens.

Clear quality rules

We show our dedication to quality by having very definite rules and procedures governing quality and food safety, and we are constantly improving our baking methods.

This ensures we achieve our ambitions every day, every step of the way from supplier to bakery and packaging. Thanks to our partnerships and close cooperation with our suppliers, we can be sure that the ingredients for our baking meet our exacting quality requirements.

Our bakery is certified to the highest quality requirements in accordance with international quality and food safety standards. We are certified at the highest levels to BRC, IFS, RSPO and UTZ standards.

Certifications and authorisations

Suppliers of ingredients

Bisca has an approvals programme for ingredients and suppliers of ingredients. The programme includes identification of primary sources of ingredients, including country of origin, transport, storage and warehousing. The programme also includes documented risk assessments of ingredients, as well as appraisals of all Bisca’s suppliers.

Bisca suppliers must have a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food safety programme in place. Suppliers must also ensure that the ingredients are protected throughout the supply chain by fulfilling risk-assessment measures pursuant to the relevant EU Regulation No 1875/2006.

When ingredients arrive at Bisca, we verify the trailer by means of an extensive cleanliness inspection, verification of seal, signs of pests and temperature verification for chilled or frozen goods. All lots and batch numbers are recorded to ensure traceability. If there are any irregularities, we reject the delivery.

We have dedicated, temperature-controlled storage rooms to prevent damage, degradation or manipulation of ingredients. We do not use third-party warehousing to store ingredients, packaging materials, semi-finished products or finished products.

In the bakery, apart from egg and milk-based products, the ingredients we use are purely of vegetable origin.

Barn eggs

Barn eggs from free-range hens are something we take for granted nowadays, and we are proud that we no longer use cage eggs in our Danish bakery.

Palm oil

As members of the international Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we support efforts to promote and certify sustainable palm oil, and we are committed to this development.

All palm oil used in Bisca products is certified as sustainable palm oil.